Mercredi 15 Mars 2023

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THE DUNHILL BLUES, hailing from Sydney, are the ultimate bourbon-drenched, B-movie party band. Their expertise in pumping out a spicy hybrid of soulful garage rock, snotty punk, scuzz-bucket country, twisted surf and fried-brain psych ensures that this album absolutely shakes with the type of primitive, ‘ice-pick through the amps’ raw power that made legends such as The Sonics, The Monks, The MC5, The Dictators and The New York Dolls so much eardrum-exploding fun.
Tearing up stages across Australia and Europe since 2006 (Sharing stages with The Monkey Wrench, Los Chicos, Hard-ons and many more). The new recordings are raw and uncompromised and feature distorted guitar, crazy keys and rhythmic bass and drums - straight from the underground. Lead singer Dan sings about what he knows, it's warts and all and unique. "I'VE GOT PLANS!" will be released by OUTTASPACE in March, the band's 7th release.
If you love your music raw, you will love The Dunhill Blues

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